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Photography is part and parcel of our life. What do you think? Yes or No?

Photography plays a big part in our life today. It is no longer a hobby; it is a lifestyle. One photographer shared, “It is better to have less pixels than to have no pixel.”

Almost everyone have a camera in his or her hand . . . your mobile phone! When you see information that you hope to note down, what do you do? Did you write it down or did you take out your phone to snap a picture? (more…)

Give me a road

Dear Friends,

I am now in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It is very hot here (42C) and we are so tired after walking under the hot sun. The purpose I am here is to bring a few friends to visit this place Cham Rash, it is about 70 km away from the town and it takes two hours on a bumpy track just to get to the village. This is the poorest area where lives are very hard here and we had brought them some old clothing and hope to raise funds to build a proper road for this village. I remember the first time we asked the people how would they want us to help you. Their reply was no cloths, food or money… their reply was “Give us a road… give us a road so that we could walk out of poverty ourselves”.

My last trip here the whole place was flooded with water and I could not even see the road, and have to put ourselves on a oxcart just to enter the village. But now is the dry season and the people in this village are struggle without water as you could see from the images the ponds and wells has all been dry out. Just a day of visit is already very hard for us, I just felt so sorry for the people who are living here. The contrast of weather is really great and it is really very hard to live here without clean water and a road which they could go to the school, market and hospital. Child die because of unclean water and often too late when they arrive at the hospital.

To see more pictures of Cham Rash, please take a look at the video clip on right “Give me a road” or visit my facebook.

Alex Soh
April 24, 2010