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Happy New Year! Wishing you my friend a the best year 2014 of all your life. May the year of HORSE brings you good health and prosperity in everything you do!

This is my new fine art piece for year 2014— RED HORSE symbolise our Chinese custom of prosperity and the year of horse bring you great success in your business. (Limited Edition on 10 piece only. Size: 2000mm x 1330mm in DIASEC PRINT or ALUMINIUM PRINT “Metallic”). This is also one of my favourite personal collection. If you wish to make this piece as one of your collection, please contact me at one@alexsohphotography.com.


In the next few moments it will mark a spacial day of my life or I should say, I am half way of my life journey. And so I would like share with you this series of 60 pictures “ALL WALKS OF LIFE” captured during my Spain and Portugal Trip. You may have seen some of the landscape shots but here are all the people moments. Hope you will enjoy what you are about to see. Better still, view it in full screen. May God bless you as we continue this amazing journey together in the coming year 2014  Click link to view pictures:

The New Nikon Df Packs Power and Character in a Light Body and Timeless Design

Nikon Singapore is pleased to announce the release of the Nikon Df – a light and smaller–size full frame D-SLR equipped with mechanical dials for setting shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, exposure mode and release mode independently to bring users the ultimate in flexibility and control. This is the perfect fit for photographers seeking portability without compromising on image quality.


The new Nikon Df combines the unique design of the Nikon SLRs with the precision of first-rate Nikon technology and a full frame sensor for a richer creative experience with redefined full manual controls. Key features include:

  • World-class Nikon imaging technology
  • 16.2-megapixel full frame CMOS sensor
  • EXPEED 3 image processing engine
  • ISO range of 100-12800 (expandable from 50 to 204800)

Pricing and availability will be advised at a later date. To view the products online, please refer to: http://www.nikon.com.sg.

Alex Soh


SIM Photo Competition 2013 Winners

Last evening I was at the SIM Festival Photo Competition 2013 Prize Presentation Ceremony as I was the judge for this photo contest. Topic: INSPIRE & INNOVATE. Here is the winning piece by Joel Forte, title: From Trash To Art and Cash. Hope you will be Inspired and Innovated after looking at this picture 🙂


From Trash To Art and Cash: A Boy pick empty bottles and sell them to make a living. He than came up with an idea to cut these plastic bottles into sculpture art and sell them for a better price. What a creative invention!

Thanks to SIM for putting this wonderful photo competition together. Well done!


Judges’ Profile:

Speaks to the hearts of your customers with the right pictures.

“What pictures should I use to capture the hearts of my customers?” We know to find cheap images online is so easy these days. But does those images good enough to represent your company? Well, not forgetting the online customers these days are very sharp and they also know what is real and what is not. So by putting a few stock images doesn’t mean you have already get your stories across or worst not tell the truth of your products.

With the great competition in the market place these days whether it is online or print, you have to be extra ordinary and to deliver the realness of your product you are selling. “Stop telling stories that people can caught you bluff.” Nothing bit the realness of pictures that is specially craft and own by you and relevant for your company. It is not about using photos to beautify your company image but rather those pictures that represent your company that will speaks to the hearts of your customers. We are talking about a out standing competition here! Right?

Heres another good article that talks about using the right images.

Photography Class

Friends kept asking me when will I conduct photography courses for them as I am always busy and away. Hey! Here is the two days workshop so don’t miss out this one. Hard to come by and seats are limited!
Register Now! @ http://www.mi.com.sg/workshop-signup

We already have our 1st lesson and here are 2 photographers comments on the workshop:

“Thank you for sharing your insights and ideas a short while ago at the workshop …. Ally says he will start putting in practice each element, he believes he can incorporate the elements 1 by 1 each time he takes out his camera .. as for me … I will not look at photography in the same way again …… its now how to tell a story and bring my audience into the “story”. Thanks Alex! — Monica.

Hi Alex, Just to let you know again, it was a great class… but just so many things to look out for… kind of a mind blowing — Wong Ling Hong

Tomorrow we have our last class “L2 Photography on RAW:Colour Processing with Aperture”
@ Multimedia Integrated ​Funan DigitaLife Mall #05-06 to 08. 27 Sep 5:30-9:30pm
So Hurry! Call to sign up now! 🙂

Alex's Workshop Brochure


Here is a shot of me giving talk to 200 hundred photographers at Nikon Day! It was a closed door wonderful session together with you photographers. There are so many good questions asked from the floor, wish I have enough time to answer everyone of them! We have so much fun that day! Thanks to Nikon for putting this seminal and workshop weekend together. I promise to do a workshop for you next year. I am so looking forward to the next one and to see you guys again! Click here to read more: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13146207/Press%20Release_I%20AM%20NIKON%20DAY%202013%20-%20PostEvent.pdf Alex-giving-talk-at-Nikon-Day999213_537741029613387_589772688_nNikonDay_Seminar25AUG4-6pm_NPP_panel

My thoughts about Instagram


After playing around with Instagram a little bit, yah it is just the interesting colors that made a simple and decent image looks more interesting. And it doesn’t require much effort from our day-to-day life picture taking. What it does is moving the colors away from our normal day and gave a interesting tone and contrast to it, making it different from what we see normally. It is almost like wearing a more colorful clothed today or a total different style from what we normally wear.

Just another way of looking at life.

I have wrote an article on my blog about Film (Firm) Foundation — Gets the Color Right. I thought you guys may enjoy it too. https://alexsohphotography.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/film-firm-foundation-%E2%80%94-gets-the-color-right/

One year ago — The stolen pictures

When I see this post I wanted to cry  😦  How I wish I am able to find back my pictures which was stolen at the Chile airport a year ago in March 2012 on the way back home after my Chile shoot. It has been a year now! If anyone out there found any of these images being published please contact me at one@alexsohphotography.com / http://www.alexsohphotography.com or facebook me at http://www.facebook.com/alexsohphotography. Appreciate if you guys could keep a look out and pass the word around.

These pictures means a lot to me and this post has just bring back the memory of my lost.


___________________________March 18, 2012______________________________
It’s really sad that after my 15 days of shoot in Chile my laptop was stolen at the check-in counter at the Chile airport coming home.

These pictures are taken from Valparaso, Santiago, Calama North and Patagonia South of Chile.

These are some rare pictures that I shot. The eagle taking off, Vicuña standing on the mountain, the beautiful grafitty found in the city of Valparaso from the characters of people to the coincidence poster on the wall that reflect the people sitting around they are hard to come by and I am going to miss them. It would be a waste if it is not published and exhibited. I only have these low resolution JEPG which I have port over into my iPhone to show you.

To the thief out there, remember not to steal a photographer’s work, because there are too many pictures that could eventually become an evidence if you happen to post them somewhere and if you trash it away, you must be a fool to delete some of these treasures found in the eyes of many. And if you return them back to me whatever happen is not important anymore and you will be rewarded!

In my laptop, the desktop image is my website address http://www.alexsohphotography.com
and my email one@alexsohphotography.com
my mailing address:
5 Pereira Road #07-01, Asiawide Industrial Building Singapore 368025

Hope someday these images will return home to me. Do pray with me.

Alex Soh 18 March 2012