“Capture with your heart”


Photography is part and parcel of our life. What do you think? Yes or No?

Photography plays a big part in our life today. It is no longer a hobby; it is a lifestyle. One photographer shared, “It is better to have less pixels than to have no pixel.”

Almost everyone have a camera in his or her hand . . . your mobile phone! When you see information that you hope to note down, what do you do? Did you write it down or did you take out your phone to snap a picture? (more…)

Good Morning, Michigan USA

I have been busy with the recent exhibition ROAD in helping the poor Cambodia people. I wish the world could be more fair and as a human being, I try to play my part in bridging the gap. We should know that when one gets richer, someone will suffer. Hope that more will come forward to help and may you also play a part, no matter how little, in helping the needy around you. I am now taking a break because rest is the beginning and preparation for a longer journey… may you find rest, quiet and tranquility in this desktop picture.

Horse riding in Monument Valley, Arizona

I could remember this part of my photography journey in Arizona, we were on horse back. The sun was really low and the light was so beautiful that day. One of the horses suddenly decided to lay down with my buddy Terry still on its back. He quickly jumped off… that was close! On our way back my two other photographer buddies were ready to gave our last lap and race before returning our horses and so we did, the sun coming through and the dust in the air, it was beautiful. I remember I couldn’t focus my shot because my horse is running too ha ha ha. What a moment were I felt like I was a Red Indian in the open as compared to where I am now writing to you at my office desk. How I wish to go back in time again…

Something to think about…

February 24, 2010, morning 9.35 am
It was a morning when I sent my wife to work, on the way out of her office building I saw an old lady limping as she walked. I stop my car and asked her where she wants to go? She then told me that she has lose her way and she has been walking around for more than one and the half hour trying to find her way out from this industrial area. So I asked her where she was going and can I send her there? And so I gave her a lifted and help to find that place. She was so happy kept saying “you are a good young man, a man with good heart”. She than said “not many young people like you these days”. I think there are two things we could learn from here. 1st Why she said that there are not many young people that are helpful these days? I think it is something for us to think about. Are we too busy these days or simply we don’t have a heart for people? 2nd We should reflect and don’t we wish one day when we are old like her and limping our way someone would come along side to give us a help? I am glad I did stop my car that morning and question myself what if I did not stop my car. The contrast of what happen of both thoughts would be a great different. One walk away with a heart that feels good because I know that I have really done a good did and the other was my heart was so cold that I will not find the joy I could have had and continue to be a selfish person.

When I was photographing with my buddy Terry Bidgood in Chile, we would pick people up along the way as we drive through the national park. Asking people if we could gave them a lifted closer to where they are heading too straight ahead. I remember what Terry said to me in the car, he said “Alex, do you know how thankful I was to those people who had helps me when I was backpacking in South America? There are times that it was so cold out there on the road and people would stop their car to gave me a lifted or people opened their home for us and gave us some food to eat when we don’t have.” I hope the world we live in today will keep the tradition and let us continue to have a good heart for people. I hope we could also pass it down to our next generation. I understand with the world today that many are worry about danger and safety more than offering their help to people, you might have heard about people got rob because of trying to help. I think there will sure have such incident happen in this world or rather may I said anything could happen in this world. But we do know that we know all these information through the newspapers or the TV news. Now think about what if there is no TV and News? Would we know what’s happening out there? Or rather would we still continue to help people with a positive mind? We must know that news was from around the world or the incident happen might be just happen once in a million. What I am saying is don’t burn the whole forest because of one tree and don’t take from one incident and get suspicious of everyone else. Or rather don’t live a life that is full of worries and selfish because one day it might be you or me who are the one that needed the help from someone else.

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