“Capture with your heart”


Note from Alex

There are friends who has been asking me for some pictures so that they could use it as their personal wallpaper on their computer screen, so I am now slowly putting some of these beautiful pictures just for you. This is a new blog which I had just set up and I hope you will come back to visit often and leave your comments. I hope to keep this blog updated and use it as a way to communicate with you. There are still many beautiful pictures which I have captured that are not shown on my website, so I will post it here. We will see how it goes and do let me hear from you if you wish to see more pictures from my blog. Oh yes… do remember to enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts and wallpaper by email. So here we go… cheers 🙂


Iguazu Falls, Argentina (Our Daily Bread cover photo Feb 2010)

Iguazu Falls, Argentina (Our Daily Bread cover photo Feb 2010)

The name Iguazu literally means “great water” in the Guarani language. This waterfall system consists of 275 waterfalls along 1.6 miles of the Iguazu River, and it is surrounded by lush, green forests. Some of the magnificent waterfalls in this system are more than 350 feet high and create a 100-foot-high cloud of spray. I remember when I took this picture, I literally went down to the side of the waterfall pointing my camera up so that I could capture the foreground that included the beautiful sky. The beauty of these waterfalls doesn’t stand alone, it is the surrounding green forests that complete the beauty. So remember, to capture a stunning picture, we must not let the subject get cluttered but yet must include the important elements around that beautify the subject.

Sweet Blue Morning

Sweet Blue Morning, Thai Border
It’s a beautiful morning as the land awakens to a brand new day. It is like smelling the flower before one sees it.

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Life Beyond Borders, Thai-Burma Refugee Camp

The title for this picture Life Beyond Borders are the heartfelt words of the refugees in the Thai-Burma refugee camp. If you look closely, you will observe that there are many houses at the bottom part of this image. This photograph was taken on top a mountain located behind the refugee campsite.

For generations, thousands of bamboo huts have dotted the landscape. There are 60,000 people staying in this small enclosure. I find it hard to believe that just miles from where I live, there are people living in such dismal conditions.

In contrast, you and I have a nationality and with it, the freedom to travel. We have goals in life and a future to pursue. These refugees, on the other hand, are constantly searching for a place to call home—a home where they can find oneself, a home with which they could identify with.

One morning, we decided to capture the sunrise, so we brought some of these youth high up the mountain. It was a beautiful sunrise. Everyone stood in awe as the light shone through the morning mist, brightening up the mountains, the trees and the surrounding environment. They shared that it was the first time they’ve seen a sunrise and thanked us for sharing such a great experience with them.

Imagine a visitor coming to your house and showed you a totally new experience in your own backyard. Wow . . . this situation reminds me of a lion that is kept in captivity at the zoo for so long, that it no longer has the hunger or desire to explore the wild.

My heart feels for these men, women and children as they smile to me. Would we be able to give them a future? I guess it is a big question mark.

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Capturing the moment of capturing

Capturing the moment of capturing

This photo was captured by my friend Joel from Philippines. I love the moment of me that blinded into the mother nature letting the light reflecting the photographer. It is indeed the source of light that create great photography that makes us a good photographers.