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Myanmar Photography Trip 14 Oct – 4 Nov 2012

Coated with Colors — Shot with Nikon 1 V1

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This series of birds were shot using the Nikon 1 V1 with the adepter mounted with 80-200 mm and 105 mm. With the V1 it really helps me get closer to the birds. It was so easy to shoot around and light weight even though I was with my family and kids running around. I have so much fun. I must also thank the Singapore Jurong Bird Park for bringing to us so many colorful birds and they are extremely beautiful. What a great place for photographers to shoot around.

While… I got a great hair do, nice makeup and beautiful coat on me!

What About My New Coat?

What Do You Think About My Nice Hair Do?

My Makeup Artist Mess Up My Look Today!

What are you looking at?

Do you want to see the rest of my buddy? Look out for the next post.

White Angels

They looks like white angels! Straight from aperture output. This would be another great picture that you could download as a wallpaper. Enjoy 🙂


Journey With Alex Soh


It is my passion to continue to share with you the beauty of God’s Creation. Shooting landscapes has always been my love. I love the colors and space and I can see God’s fingerprints everywhere as I journey and capture all His beautiful creation. He gives light so that we can see and photography is all about light. This is a series of photography which I will share the background and my thoughts behind each picture (Put your cursor on the text area to read each story). I hope you will find it insightful as you journey with me through these beautiful details found in nature and in our daily living.

Almost Black & White – The beauty of light and exposure that gave the contrast.

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Did you see what I saw?

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What a great contrast of life. It makes you think it would be better in the mural than in reality.

I am thinking whether the old man choose this background mural to send his message out. If he did, he is still a very intelligent old man.

The way he position there is a perfect spot to complete my composition.

This picture show us that doesn’t mean when a person is poor he is not intelligent. It is just a different ways of lives and that we are more fortunate than him. We should learn to appreciate what we have and learn to share with others what they don’t.

Travel Photography Talk at Funan IT Mall

I will be giving a talk on Travel Photography for Nikon at Funan IT Mall tomorrow! Friday, July 13, 2012 at 2:00pm and 5:00pm. There are many well respected brands line up for you and cameras which you could hands on. The road show just started today actually and is for all professional photographers and if you are interested on what is going on, you too could come by and check it out yourself. There will be other professional photographers sharing and presenting as well. See U tomorrow! Cheers 🙂

When The Moment Happens . . .

He is light and He is the moment

Dear Friends,

It has been a while since the last time I shared with you my photography journey. Some of you may have heard that I lost my Chile trip pictures which was stolen in Chile airport on the way back home. I have reprocessed my thoughts asking God why it happen to me? Because I know everything happen for a purpose. God has help me to refocus on my photography journey that I should reflect upon Him rather than on the pictures. I can do all things meaninglessly without Him or I could treasure every moment meaningfully being with Him.

I have put together a series of 35 black & white pictures (view it on a big screen). I have name this series of pictures “WHEN THE MOMENT HAPPENS . . . and that everyone must know that God is the creator. He gives the light and He is the moment.

To God be the glory


How to distribute your weight during travel photography.

The weight on him and the weight on me.

(Young boy at Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai, India)

Being a landscape and travel photographer, one of the most challenging part of my journey is to know how to plan my route well. Knowing what is needed to bring and yet not to over load my bag. I used to carry films and now I have to carry laptop and hard disk. Camera and lenses are the essential stuff and yet they are the most heaviest to carry with me on a long journey, whether it is climbing up the mountain or down the valley.

Many photographers often not very sure what to bring for their trip and they tense to bring too many equipments during their journey. Here is a short take away line for you, “Pack all you need for your journey into your bag…. remove half and that’s all you need”. Imagine with me if you have to climb up Huangshan, China and it is 15 km of steps in one day, what will you bring? Think about what you are going to see along the hike and what gears will be the essential. Or if you are driving through Scotland what can you bring with you behind your car? Or it is 40˚degrees celsius hot sunny afternoon out there in the street of India? What will you take with you? You need to plan, wear and bring the right stuff.

Recently I have decided to retired my LowePro lightweight belt system which has follow me all over the world for at least the last 15 years. It has served me very well from not having me to carry a bag with all my heavy lenses on my shoulder. With all of these great new sharper Nikon lenses I am having now it has made me think of another way to distribute the weight on my body. Knowing how to distribute the weight on my body will definitely help me to walk the extra mile.

Here is a photo of me shot yesterday walking by the fishing village along the coast of Mumbai, India. With me is the new system  LowePro S&F Deluxe Belt & Vest Kit along with the lens cases which I have recently picked up from CathayPhoto. Depending on the weather and condition of my journey, I could either use just the belt or belt with vest. While, with the vest on it really helps to take away a lot weight from my waist and distribute to my body, I like it! This belt system allow my hand and shoulder to be free to move and shoot around. Changing my lens is easy and fast to reach with no time wasted as I walk closer to my subject. Not having to carry a bag has been my practiced for the last 15 years of my professional photography journey and I am so glad to have this new system now.

Hope you guys enjoy this new update on my journey.Cheers

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F o l l o w   m e   o n 

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I AM NIKON DAY Speaker’s Schedule 28-29 April 2012

I hope you guys had already gotten your seats, because all the seminars has been fully booked. And here is the speaker’s schedule.


To all photographers out there. Come join me for I AM NIKON DAY weekend! This event will be held over 28 (Sat) – 29 (Sun) April 2012, and will consist of a series of talks and workshops brought to you by Nikon Professional Photographers and I will be one of the speaker on 28 April, check out the link details below. I heard that the respond was overwhelming and Nikon have to closed the registrations and will reopen tomorrow for registration again. I hope to see some of your faces. Oh yes! There will also be the Big Shot Season 3 Audition! Come join us for a time of fun with all my other fellow Nikon Professional Photographers!

May my bad experience be a lesson to you.


To all photographers,

Photography is becoming more complicated in this digital age.

I remember in the early days, we are more worried about our films being over-exposed as we walk through scanning machines at the custom checkpoint or losing our 50 rolls of film during the shoot. But these days, we expect to view our shots instantly from our camera LCD (as if photography is impossible without an LCD screen). Similarly, we can’t wait to show our pictures to our friends on Facebook instantly (I am talking about myself too). We are busy capturing pictures, as well as updating our blog or Facebook during our journey.

In the old days, we shoot with our basic lenses. We carry at the most 2 to 3 lenses, but today we carry more than what is needed. We bring our latest F/1.4 brightest, bigger and heavier lenses (some bring as many as 5-6 lenses and 2 camera bodies), 2x converter, cleaning kit and all the expensive filters, and a tripod. Oh yes I forgot to mention the laptop, portable hard disk, and many SD/CF cards. We have so many sophisticated gears today, that some photographers are at a lost as to what equipments to bring for each trip. What do you think? Have I hit the bullseye? 🙂

What will you bring with you for a one-month photography trip? Just think about the clothes you will pack into your luggage and all your photography gears. Wow! Do you think your body is able to take it? With so many stuff with you, are you still able to react fast enough to capture that photo moment? Or will you misplace a few lenses or gears in your journey? Or, perhaps, you may say that backpack photography journey is impossible today.

I would like to share with you a few tips on what to bring with you when you embark on a photography trip.

What should be in your bag?

Pack all that you need and remove half of it. For that is all you really need. Don’t forget: You can buy, use and throw many items along your journey. Many backpackers learn not to buy too many things during their trip, because they know that whatever they buy, they have to carry that additional load. We have to differentiate between needs and wants. You have to ask yourself: Without this item, can I still shoot? Is it your skill or the gears that makes a difference in your photography? Is it your eye and creativity or the equipments? You would be surprised at how creative you can be with just simple gears.

I believe in basic and simple gears. Carry only what is necessary: 3 lenses, 2x converter, and just one camera body. You may ask: what if my camera breakdown? Well, I would just pack my bag and go home. Just kidding. You see, I use my own equipments. So I would know whether they are working well or not before a trip. And I know with certainty that it will not breakdown during my journey, for I have always carried only one camera body in my last 15 years and my camera has served me well. Think about it, I have protected my physical body from unnecessary wear-and-tear in the last 15 years by not carrying excess weight. It allows me to climb mountains and walk longer distances for my landscape photography. If I have carried extra load, I don’t think I could have climbed that 15 kilometers of steps up Huangshan during one winter day or hiked the mountain in Chile to capture the breathtaking scenes.

Think of it this way: If you have to let go of some gears along your journey, what would you take with you in your bare two hands?

When travelling alone.

Bring as little as possible. The lesser you carry, the lighter your load, and you avoid loosing your stuff.

When travelling as a group.

Big group attracts attention. It is harder to book last minute accommodation or rearrange your route. Photographers travelling as a group should look out for one another’s belongings. Avoid updating your Facebook when you are at busy places, watch out for your bags. Keep a lookout for each other when on the road. Be extra alert when people come close to you. Each one should take good care of your own stuff. Do not carry too many pieces of bags.

A final note:

With many years of traveling experience, for the first time I lost my laptop bag right in front of me at the airport check-in counter in Chile. I am very careful with my stuff and my laptop bag is just right in front of the counter next to my feet. I would think that it would be impossible for any thief to come close to the counter. Besides, fellow photographers are standing right behind me while I was doing the group check-in. But in less than a few minutes, my laptop bag was stolen. None of us saw anyone coming close to the counter. I would think that if anything were stolen, it would not be me… in this case I was wrong, because the thief always has a better view. He knows when is the best moment to act. So be careful.

Just as we know when to capture the best moment, the thief knows it too.

Alex Soh

Inspired by my stolen laptop on 15 March 2012 Time: 12.20-12.30pm

Follow my facebook to view great pictures of Chile!

Hey guys I will be flying off tonight, wish me best! This trip to Chile is going to be a very exciting photography journey, as we will be traveling from the North to the South… basically all over Chile. We have 4 flights within Chile and together with me are 5 other photographers.

Do follow my Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/alexsohphotography for updates and all the beautiful pictures taken during my journey. Leave your comments or click like on my post yah!

My traveling schedule is going to be really crazy from now and here are where am I going to be:

2-17 March – Chile, South America
19-24 March – China
26 March – 4 April – India
5-15 April – Sri Lanka

Stay in touch on my Facebook post! Cheers!!!

Amazing quality and details!

Many of you may have already know that I am one of Nikon ambassador in Singapore, so I get to test whatever gear I want.
Very interestingly this morning I went to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to test out the Nikon V1. I mounted it on a 500mm f4 and shot a few shots, came back to look at the result. I was amazed and impressed by the quality and details of the pictures.
These are the images I shot this morning, it is uncrop and shot as it is and I made it available for you to download the high quality JEPG to take a look. So click on the pictures and check it out! Pretty amazing! I guess I could use this as my day-to-day point and shoot camera now!

Wow! Look at what is in my hand!

The latest Nikon D4!

I just want to update you guys with a few great new features on the new D4. I can already see how I could make use of these new functions and improvement with this new baby.
• 16.2-million pixels, I think this is more than enough and I am glad that it is not too big which we will have to handle the big file size. With my current D3s 12.5-million pixels I could already print as big as A0 size or more than 1 meter long.
• ISO 50 to ISO 204800, wow this is another great improvement with incredible range of sensitivities that will help with low light situation.
• The next-generation, high-speed XQD memory cards (see the card in my hand). It is a pretty small card, slightly bigger and thicker than the SD card.
• It has the function of life view that allow mirror up to shoot with total silent! I remember once I shot a sheep in the open, with my first shot trigger off, the sheep notice me right away and the whole group run away immediately. How I wish this function was there at that point of time.
• New EXPEED 3 image-processing engine with superior, high-speed processing capabilities. 11-24 Frame per second continuous shoot with 100 frames RAW and 200 frames JEPG buffer!
• Of course the great full HD video that comes with noise-reduction….and more other function.
• Wireless transmitter WT-5. Great stuff! You could read more online.
To read more go to
Alex Soh

Chile Photo Expedition 28 Feb – 15 March 2012

Journey with Alex Soh – by  invitation and to selected people only

Hey Guys,

Are your ready? Here is the Chile trip Itinerary. So far before I could finalized the trip, we have a few friends already count themselves in. The trip is not going to be cheap as the air fare from SIN-US (or Europe)-Chile and Chile-US (or Europe)-SIN is already cost about SG$ 3000+++, but I know it is going to be a great trip for you guys. You will be shooting like a Pro… for a moment you may think that you are no different to a NatGeo photographer 🙂 Moreover I am there with you to guide you through. Your journey is going to be fun, exciting and full of life experiences. We will self drive into the country side, camping on the foot of the mountain Torres Del Paine, a boat ride journey to have a close encounter with the massive glaciers and majestic mountains of the Glacier Gray, Lake Pehoé scenic landscape, into the desert of North Chile and overlooking at the amazing Valley Of The Moon (See picture below), witness the Central Valley Grape Harvest Festival, capture the city of Santiago and have meal that cook by my friend’s mom in their chilean home. It is never better than to capture the real life living of the Chilean family and that’s what I love about :-)… not even talking about all the wild animals in the mountains yet and many more! These are the special places where I shot before and I believe you are going to love it!
I need to lock down all the booking and plans, so I will need everyone to confirm with me by 15 Jan 2012. First-come-first-served, I could only bring up to 8 persons on this trip.
This could be the only once in the life time trip to visit the beautiful Chile in the South America Spanish speaking country. I have personally enjoyed my previous trip so much that I just want to bring all my friends there to see it for themselves. I will not repeat this same journey again, because the world has so much more other places waiting for me to discover. It is my passion to share… a journey that I have committed to bring you.
15 Days Chile, South America. 28 Feb – 13 March 2012
Places includes visit to Valparaíso, National Park Lauca, San Pedro de Atacama, Valley of Moon, Torres del Paine and Fjdors. Flight within Chile —Santiago- Arica, Arica- Calama, Calama- Punta Arenas, Magallanes- Punta Arenas, Punta Arenas- SantiagoFebruary 28 – Singapore to Santiago
February 29 – Santiago- Valparaíso (tradicional market and restaurant, arquitecture and port)
March 1 – Santiago- Arica (National Park Lauca) Santiago- Arica: Departure: 01:30 hrs. Arrival: 04:10 hrs.
March 2 – Arica- Calama (San Pedro de Atacama) Sky Airline Departure: 18:00 hrs. Arrival: 22:10 hrs.
March 3 – Valley of Moon
March 4 – Calama- Punta Arenas (Puerto Natales) Departure: 07:45 hrs. Arrival Santiago City: 09:50 Departure Santiago City to Punta Arenas: 10:30 hrs. Arrival Punta Arenas: 13:55 hrs.
March 5 – Torres del Paine (lookout Torres del Paine)
March 6 – Torres del Paine (trekking to lookout Cuernos del Paine)
March 7 – Torres del Paine (Glacier Gray, Lake Pehoé, Lookout lake)
March 8 – Magallanes (Fjdors)
March 9 – Fjdors
March 10 – Magallanes- Punta Arenas- Santiago (Lunch with Soto Family) Departure: 05:35 hrs. Arrival to Santiago: 09:00 hrs.
March 11 – Central Valley (Grape Harvest Festival)
March 12 – Central Valley (Grape Harvest Festival) to the airport head home.
March 13 – Santiago to Singapore (Arrive SIN on March 14)
Domestic flights within Chile: • Santiago- Arica • Arica- Calama • Calama- Punta Arenas • Magallanes- Punta Arenas • Punta Arenas- SantiagoFor flights details and the cost for this trip , please contact me at one@alexsohphotography.com

All the way we go!!! 😀


Just did a shoot for Adobe in Hong Kong

Some friends was asking what did I shot in Hong Kong for Adobe? Here you go… just to give you an idea. Cheers

Very Exciting!!! Another magazine in London has published my work and there are other great photographers as well.

You could sign up for this online magazine and download your free PDF copy online.
Good stuff with very little words and let the pictures speaks to you. Please leave me a note or click like if you have enjoy it 🙂

Please go to: http://camerapixo.com/photographymagazine/ and download Issue No.15