“Capture with your heart”


Alex Soh is a firm believer in the power of photography to communicate ideas and emotions. He desires to capture the wonders of nature that will compel people to worship its wonderful Creator.

Formally trained in Graphic Design, Alex’s journey as a graphic designer started in 1995. He started in an advertising firm, TV product house and there after in a design house. Later on, he setup his own design studio, providing one-stop service from photography to design and print. In his creative path for the last 15 years, he was involved in numerous projects, from TV commercials to documentary production. His projects include Samsung, Power Gas, HP, AIA, Walls ice cream and more. He has done many photo shoots for weddings and corporate clients covering products, pets, couples to models and CEOs. Today, he does mostly travel and fine art photography, concentrating on scenery to build a photo library for RBC Ministries (USA and International). Alex is also one of the world few gettyimages contributing photographer. You are able to view his photographs at www.alexsohphotography.com.

Photography is something that he picked up along the creative path. Since then, it has become a major part of his life, an activity that he loves to engage in. Alex believes that as a designer-photographer, he has everything within his control. By making use of today’s digital technologies, he is able to provide fast turnover to a project without having to wait for another photographer to give him the relevant photos or to search for suitable pictures from commercial stock libraries.

An example of this is one of his projects done in Michigan, USA. In Michigan, he worked on a concept for a book cover in the morning, and from there engaged a model in New York. He then flew to New York in the afternoon, did the photo shoot in the Grand Central train station and completed the design that very night at the hotel. He then sent the final layout to his client for approval. From concept to end product, the project was completed on the same day. Alex believes that as a creative person, he must make use of the technologies available today or he will be replaced by them tomorrow.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Alex has also been comissioned to be a judge for photo competition in Vietnam. He is also an active promoter of fine art photography in Singapore. With the support of various digital fine art paper manufacturer Hahnemühle, Sihl and Museo, he has given talks to thousands of photographers on fine art photography to promote photographic exhibitions in the region, he also leads photographers into the field to do travel and wildlife photography.

With many years of experience in handling print media, Alex has comprehensive and authoritative knowledge in this particular area. He has been commissioned by one of the publishers in US to conduct press check in China.

Alex was invited to be one of the Kingston icon photographer and also the artists with ColorVision Digital Imaging to be featured together with some world-renowned artists and photographers from around the world.

Alex believes that a good photograph is all about opportunity. An artist doesn’t make art—art happens. He loves photography because it is a way in which he can express himself. Through this medium, he is able to share with others his passion—that is to capture pictures that touch lives.

As art director and photographer for RBC Ministries, International, Operations, Singapore. Alex has literally travelled all over the world building the organization’s stock image library since 1997. His photographs have won numerous international awards and accolades and have been featured on the covers of Our Daily Bread, a publication that is distributed worldwide with a circulation figure of 17 million copies. As an art director, he heads a team of designers from around the world.

Alex grew up in a village in Singapore and his adventures there inspired the creativity that has led to a passion for photography. He has published his first coffee table book Life Touching Moments together with an exhibition in Singapore.

Alex believes that his success is not attained by sheer luck but by hard work, perseverance, and constantly refining his work. He likes his job so much that when he eats, he thinks of it and when he sleep, he dreams of it. He believes he is the best at what he does—not the best in comparison to others—because he loves what he does and that to him, is the best way to live.

“Capture with your heart, if you did not put in a 100% effort . . . you will never get a 100% return.”

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