“Capture with your heart”

Photography or photoshopy?

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Recently I have received an exciting message from a Facebook friend, showing me his great photo taken using his Blackberry phone Q10. It was a coincidental shot of a beautiful falcon flying. Here was what he wrote:

“Being in a right place at a right time is more important than any Camera, Shot this picture from my Blackberry Q10. Was waiting for my driver, outside my Office tower and I heard a sound. I looked up and saw an airplane, and as the perspective was amazing, I started clicking pictures of the airplane from my Blackberry. While clicking the pictures, suddenly a beautiful falcon, which is also National Bird of UAE entered into the frame, and make this picture, one of the most memorable moment.

Trusting your Facebook friend is one thing but proofing the picture is true and originally capture is another. I am sorry but the picture wasn’t true, it was a photoshop edited job.

As a judge for many photo competitions, my job is to select a final winner. But after the winner was selected, there is still one important process that I have to do. It is to check on the original raw file in photoshop and the file info in details to proof that it is originally capture with a camera.

So I got the photographer of this picture to send all the before and after frames original images over to me. He sent me the files, and I had a look. Huh! Now I can see it in details. The original picture has many points to proof that it was a bad photoshop job. And also the file info show the speed of exposure is 1/50, which was impossible to capture a high speed bird like falcon. Generally to capture a flying eagle we need the camera speed set to about 1/1000, but falcon at least 1/2000 (Contribute by a real bird shooter)

Well, to all photographers out there; we maybe excited over new photography ideas and crave to produce some good photography works and we can not resist the temptation of photoshop manipulation, and you decided to photoshop your work, please do take note of these 3 points:

1. Do you feel proud of yourself?
2. Was it necessary?
3. Does that made you a better photographer?

So what if we win the whole world but have lost our very own integrity!

So keep your photography real and keep it real to yourself and keep shooting.
You will capture something great one day, if you keep shooting.

Capture with your heart!



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