“Capture with your heart”

Photography Class

Friends kept asking me when will I conduct photography courses for them as I am always busy and away. Hey! Here is the two days workshop so don’t miss out this one. Hard to come by and seats are limited!
Register Now! @ http://www.mi.com.sg/workshop-signup

We already have our 1st lesson and here are 2 photographers comments on the workshop:

“Thank you for sharing your insights and ideas a short while ago at the workshop …. Ally says he will start putting in practice each element, he believes he can incorporate the elements 1 by 1 each time he takes out his camera .. as for me … I will not look at photography in the same way again …… its now how to tell a story and bring my audience into the “story”. Thanks Alex! — Monica.

Hi Alex, Just to let you know again, it was a great class… but just so many things to look out for… kind of a mind blowing — Wong Ling Hong

Tomorrow we have our last class “L2 Photography on RAW:Colour Processing with Aperture”
@ Multimedia Integrated ​Funan DigitaLife Mall #05-06 to 08. 27 Sep 5:30-9:30pm
So Hurry! Call to sign up now! 🙂

Alex's Workshop Brochure

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