“Capture with your heart”

My LowePro belt system


Thanks to my Friend David Lee for posting this image of me on Facebook capturing the kids playing by the dirty river in Manila, that is close by Smokey Mountain.

I don’t often get to see how I look when I am working. Many photographers always asked me what gears I bring for my journey and how I carry them. This will be a fantastic image to show you how I do it. That is all I brought with me when I am shooting on the go. That’s my LowPro belt system with these lens pouches on it. I usually carry about 3-4 lens with me (no bag), it allow me to move in and out of car easily without having to remove them. It also free my hands and shoulder for quick action. My lenses are just from my reach and the system make it is so easy for me to change my lenses all the time. I can bent down and back up right away to compose my shot without having a heavy bag on my shoulder. And you know what? I have been practicing with this system for the last 15 years and I never need to change to another system. I love it and this is actually my 2nd belt. My 1st belt lasted for 13 years! What a clever system by LowPro.



Here is Brent Hackett’s request to post the shot I took of these kids.
Smokey Mountain, Rice Distribution

2 responses

  1. Brent Hackett

    Alex – you should post the photo you took. It looks like an interesting shot.

    August 31, 2013 at 10:35 pm

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