“Capture with your heart”

How to distribute your weight during travel photography.

The weight on him and the weight on me.

(Young boy at Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai, India)

Being a landscape and travel photographer, one of the most challenging part of my journey is to know how to plan my route well. Knowing what is needed to bring and yet not to over load my bag. I used to carry films and now I have to carry laptop and hard disk. Camera and lenses are the essential stuff and yet they are the most heaviest to carry with me on a long journey, whether it is climbing up the mountain or down the valley.

Many photographers often not very sure what to bring for their trip and they tense to bring too many equipments during their journey. Here is a short take away line for you, “Pack all you need for your journey into your bag…. remove half and that’s all you need”. Imagine with me if you have to climb up Huangshan, China and it is 15 km of steps in one day, what will you bring? Think about what you are going to see along the hike and what gears will be the essential. Or if you are driving through Scotland what can you bring with you behind your car? Or it is 40˚degrees celsius hot sunny afternoon out there in the street of India? What will you take with you? You need to plan, wear and bring the right stuff.

Recently I have decided to retired my LowePro lightweight belt system which has follow me all over the world for at least the last 15 years. It has served me very well from not having me to carry a bag with all my heavy lenses on my shoulder. With all of these great new sharper Nikon lenses I am having now it has made me think of another way to distribute the weight on my body. Knowing how to distribute the weight on my body will definitely help me to walk the extra mile.

Here is a photo of me shot yesterday walking by the fishing village along the coast of Mumbai, India. With me is the new system  LowePro S&F Deluxe Belt & Vest Kit along with the lens cases which I have recently picked up from CathayPhoto. Depending on the weather and condition of my journey, I could either use just the belt or belt with vest. While, with the vest on it really helps to take away a lot weight from my waist and distribute to my body, I like it! This belt system allow my hand and shoulder to be free to move and shoot around. Changing my lens is easy and fast to reach with no time wasted as I walk closer to my subject. Not having to carry a bag has been my practiced for the last 15 years of my professional photography journey and I am so glad to have this new system now.

Hope you guys enjoy this new update on my journey.Cheers

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  1. Alex Long

    I salute your deep passion in taking up photography. A picture speaks a thousand words. Happy shooting and hope to meet you in person one day and to ask you as many questions as possible on my list…… happy moving on and cheers! Alex

    May 13, 2012 at 7:40 am

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