“Capture with your heart”

Chile Photo Expedition 28 Feb – 15 March 2012

Journey with Alex Soh – by  invitation and to selected people only

Hey Guys,

Are your ready? Here is the Chile trip Itinerary. So far before I could finalized the trip, we have a few friends already count themselves in. The trip is not going to be cheap as the air fare from SIN-US (or Europe)-Chile and Chile-US (or Europe)-SIN is already cost about SG$ 3000+++, but I know it is going to be a great trip for you guys. You will be shooting like a Pro… for a moment you may think that you are no different to a NatGeo photographer 🙂 Moreover I am there with you to guide you through. Your journey is going to be fun, exciting and full of life experiences. We will self drive into the country side, camping on the foot of the mountain Torres Del Paine, a boat ride journey to have a close encounter with the massive glaciers and majestic mountains of the Glacier Gray, Lake Pehoé scenic landscape, into the desert of North Chile and overlooking at the amazing Valley Of The Moon (See picture below), witness the Central Valley Grape Harvest Festival, capture the city of Santiago and have meal that cook by my friend’s mom in their chilean home. It is never better than to capture the real life living of the Chilean family and that’s what I love about :-)… not even talking about all the wild animals in the mountains yet and many more! These are the special places where I shot before and I believe you are going to love it!
I need to lock down all the booking and plans, so I will need everyone to confirm with me by 15 Jan 2012. First-come-first-served, I could only bring up to 8 persons on this trip.
This could be the only once in the life time trip to visit the beautiful Chile in the South America Spanish speaking country. I have personally enjoyed my previous trip so much that I just want to bring all my friends there to see it for themselves. I will not repeat this same journey again, because the world has so much more other places waiting for me to discover. It is my passion to share… a journey that I have committed to bring you.
15 Days Chile, South America. 28 Feb – 13 March 2012
Places includes visit to Valparaíso, National Park Lauca, San Pedro de Atacama, Valley of Moon, Torres del Paine and Fjdors. Flight within Chile —Santiago- Arica, Arica- Calama, Calama- Punta Arenas, Magallanes- Punta Arenas, Punta Arenas- SantiagoFebruary 28 – Singapore to Santiago
February 29 – Santiago- Valparaíso (tradicional market and restaurant, arquitecture and port)
March 1 – Santiago- Arica (National Park Lauca) Santiago- Arica: Departure: 01:30 hrs. Arrival: 04:10 hrs.
March 2 – Arica- Calama (San Pedro de Atacama) Sky Airline Departure: 18:00 hrs. Arrival: 22:10 hrs.
March 3 – Valley of Moon
March 4 – Calama- Punta Arenas (Puerto Natales) Departure: 07:45 hrs. Arrival Santiago City: 09:50 Departure Santiago City to Punta Arenas: 10:30 hrs. Arrival Punta Arenas: 13:55 hrs.
March 5 – Torres del Paine (lookout Torres del Paine)
March 6 – Torres del Paine (trekking to lookout Cuernos del Paine)
March 7 – Torres del Paine (Glacier Gray, Lake Pehoé, Lookout lake)
March 8 – Magallanes (Fjdors)
March 9 – Fjdors
March 10 – Magallanes- Punta Arenas- Santiago (Lunch with Soto Family) Departure: 05:35 hrs. Arrival to Santiago: 09:00 hrs.
March 11 – Central Valley (Grape Harvest Festival)
March 12 – Central Valley (Grape Harvest Festival) to the airport head home.
March 13 – Santiago to Singapore (Arrive SIN on March 14)
Domestic flights within Chile: • Santiago- Arica • Arica- Calama • Calama- Punta Arenas • Magallanes- Punta Arenas • Punta Arenas- SantiagoFor flights details and the cost for this trip , please contact me at one@alexsohphotography.com

All the way we go!!! 😀


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