“Capture with your heart”

Photography is part and parcel of our life. What do you think? Yes or No?

Photography plays a big part in our life today. It is no longer a hobby; it is a lifestyle. One photographer shared, “It is better to have less pixels than to have no pixel.”

Almost everyone have a camera in his or her hand . . . your mobile phone! When you see information that you hope to note down, what do you do? Did you write it down or did you take out your phone to snap a picture?

When a guy meets an accident on the road, what would he do? Did he write down the car plate number or did he take a picture? By the way, I think he might even take pictures of the whole accident scenario and the other driver’s identity card as well.

How about when you see something on a street that looks interesting to you? What did you do? What do you look at when you are on Facebook? Yes, you read the text but most of the time you are looking at the photos. Just imagine if there are no pictures on Facebook! Or if a website doesn’t have any pictures, will you visit it again? Our expectation has changed, even when we look at the menu in a restaurant. We expect to see pictures!

We could no longer say “How I wish I have a camera with me now, so that I can capture it”, because most of us have a camera with us all the time! In fact we don’t even need to think, it has become instinctive for us to automatically whip out our camera—whether it is from the phone or a compact camera—to take a picture of the object or moment we hope to remember.

As a professional photographer, I have also realized that competition is stiff these days because there are so many photographers out there. But how about the level of skill and professionalism? That is something for you to think about. 🙂

In Japan, camera phone plays a very important part in their life. They use the phone’s camera to read the product’s barcode when they go shopping. These barcodes contain the product pricing, shop name, address, etc, and they could even send the information to friends and family right there and then, or plan their budgeting as they are on the move.

Even my kids know how to use my phone’s camera and I don’t even remember ever teaching them how to operate it! Kids these days start using camera when they are very young, don’t you think so? I went to help a friend buy a digital camera today and he is in his 60s!

The change and improvement in technologies are so fast that we could hardly catch up. It was interesting when I went to an electronic shop one day and the salesman shared with me that he was having difficulty learning and selling these gadgets. He said, “It is crazy! Our store carries so many kinds of electronic devices and I have to learn, know and sell them and the prices are so much cheaper than a year ago.” Cameras are one of the biggest moving items. For your information, a particular camera brand sold a minimum of 20,000 compact cameras in one month, in Singapore alone. What do you think and what does it tell you?

Recently, someone told me that he is not interested in photography. He doesn’t see the importance of photography in relation to his work as a designer. I would take it that he is not a designer because the design world has merged multiple disciplines such as print and web, non-electronic and electronic into one. Whether you like it or not, photography is a very big part of your design, job and lifestyle. If you are not going to learn it and use it, someone who knows how to use it will surely replace you.

We all learn that a picture speaks a thousand words. As such, to create more stories, we should take more pictures. A friend shared that picture speaks, while word explains.

If you need to remember where you park your car in a multi-storey car park, what do you do? Take a picture!
If you saw someone driving and using the phone at the same time, what should you do? Take a picture (provided you are not driving too)!
If you see a beautiful and cute little girl, what do you do? Take a picture!
If you would like to file a claim for your damaged luggage bag with the airline, what do you do? Take a picture!
If you see something wrong that you would like to record it down, what do you do? Take a picture!
If you see a delicious dish in front of you, what do you do? Take a picture!
When friends gather together, what do you do? Take a picture!
When you see someone fight, what do you do? Take a picture! (And call the police.)
When you go to the election rally, what do you do? Take a picture!

What you should not do 😀
When you see someone fall down, what do you do? Take a picture!
When you see a beautiful girl walk pass you, what do you do? Take a picture!
When your boss walk into your office and see you reading this e-mail, what do you do? Take a picture! 😛

To cut the long story short, the world has become closer and clearer because of pictures. Digital camera has change the lifestyle of people and has impacted the lives of men and women. It doesn’t matter whether you are a photographer or not, everyone is taking pictures. In fact, there might be as much shutter click from a camera than a human blinking their eyes, because when you are sleeping someone is still taking photos!

So now you know, photography is part and parcel of our life. So, what should you do? Take more pictures! And my job has changed because I have to teach you guys how to take good pictures. 😀

I am opening this article for discussion. Please leave your thoughts and comments on my blog and facebook, visit my gallery and website or give me a tweet.

One response

  1. poh fang

    This is so true. One 7-year-old girl in my church was given a digital camera on her birthday. She was so happy with it. During a show-and-tell session in her school, her self-chosen topic was: “Me and my camera.” 🙂

    May 31, 2011 at 4:13 pm

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