“Capture with your heart”

Project Road Update!

Many of you may have already know about the photo exhibition—Project Road. Using photography to create awareness in helping the needy was my primary objective. Through it I hope to build a road for the people who lives in Cham Resh, Cambodia, a place that was forgotten. I could still recalled sitting on an OX cart in a raining day to visit the poor village. The road was cover with water as high as my waist level. Now I have a good news for everyone! The construction of a 3.7 km road has just started! It is my joy to share with you that through your donations, helps and the support from Lions Club Singapore, we are able to raised more than 70 thousand dollars to build this road. Below are some of the pictures taken during the road opening ceremony and report from Cambodia.

The Life and Hope of the People in the Cham Resh Village— Road Construction Progresses
April 20th – May 09th, 2011. Project managed by BFT/MECC-Cambodia

With strong enthusiasm and sympathy from Mr. Alex Soh, our Singaporean professional photographer, and Dr. King Gan, founder of MECC the dream of the people of Cham Resh village have become true. On April 20th, 2011 It was an amazing and excited day and event as the history of the people in Cham Resh village. The Ground Breaking ceremony was held successfully. The ceremony started from 9:00 till 11:30 a.m. There came and presided by the Chairman of Provincial Council of Siem Reap. There were over 500 participants from the community people and leaders, students, government officials, military, NGOs, Mr. Alvin Goh and Mrs. Violet Lee, representatives from Lions Club and generous people of Singapore.

We understood and noticed that all the people especially the villagers of Cham Resh were smiling full of hope and they were so thankful and appreciative to all the compassionate assistance from Lions Clubs and people of Singapore. They believed that the road will help them to walk out of their extreme poverty and hunger.

A big THANK YOU to everyone! 😀

Road Construction Progresses at Cham Resh May 20th through June 6th
The road has been done about 1300 m. At this time the road construction has been stopped almost 10 days so far because the tractor and bulldozer were broken so many times.
The ditches along the road sides are filled with rain water at this stage.

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