“Capture with your heart”

Merry Christmas * » Merry Christmas

This is how it look during Christmas in Hatton, Sri Lanka

Travel photography has always been my passion since 15 years ago. The more I travel, the more I see my own minuteness in comparison to this wide universe. I am sure there were times when you came back from a trip, you wished that you could go back in time again. Looking through the photos which you took during the trip, somehow they just couldn’t fully capture the beauty of what you have seen. That is the greatest challenge in still photography: to capture within one single frame the image that says it all.
Many friends around me now owned a SLR camera. Everyone thinks that photography is just a few simple clicks. May I suggest that there are more to it. It takes a lot of passion and self motivation to achieve that little glow which is found in every piece of good photographs. That little glow takes many years to develop. It is not just taking photos but rather create pictures to capture the atmosphere of each place in details. Use your heart to appreciate the details, find the best time with the best light to capture that moment, just as how you love yourself and would make yourself look good when you look into the mirror each day. If you have done that, I am sure you will have a great story to tell.

This trip I travelled from Sri Lanka my first stop Colombo to Galle, Yala National Park, Ella, Hatton and back to Colombo. We had much fun and a wonderful time driving across Sri Lanka with my 16 photographers who sign up for this trip.

In the first leg of the trip, we drove all the way to Galle to capture the sunrise follow by a cliff jump by the local young man who make a living by jumping off the cliff to make a dollars or two. It was great and I brought all the photographer out of their comfort zone by bringing them down into the water with me catching a different view from what normally others will do, standing on the top.

After having our breakfast we head straight to Yala safari national park, that’s where we have so much fun on the land rover hunting for leopard and camped one night in the middle of the safari jungle. Having dinner and camp fire was really an experience, not talking about showering in the jungle ha ha ha.
From the safari, we journeyed on to Ella, which presents a great mountainous view. We witness a glories sunrise with the sky turns red and we watched the tone and colors changes so quickly, it is simply beautiful and amazing. We spent the morning hiking and photographing the morning light that fell on the mountain range and It was breezy and the lights were beautiful. We allow each and everyone to sats at the edge of the mountain given all the photographers a chance to over come their fear and to enjoy the wind to feel the freedom of life.

Next up was Hatton, one of the most well-known tea plantations in Sri Lanka. we stay in the bungalow with a colonial ambience. It is located on the top of the mountain and is owned by the tea company. This bungalow is surrounded by high mountains, ensconcing it with a sense of tranquility. Visitors would experience the utmost relaxation and peace, and feel their tired soul rejuvenated. The surrounding view at Hatton is simply breathtaking. The morning lights penetrated the mist revealing layers and layers of mountains, it was absolutely gorgeous. I love the place and wish I could spend the rest of my life in such a place as beautiful as heaven.

It has been a great pleasure meeting and spending time with all of the photographers in this trip, with just the short five days I could see the bonding with each other and may our friendship continue from here. I enjoyed each of their differences and uniqueness. To see your works and the idea behind your frames is what I loves most. So keep up your good work and capture with your heart.

It was an amazing journey and thank you for journey with me.

Alex Soh

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