“Capture with your heart”

Merry Christmas *

This is how it look during Christmas in Hatton, Sri Lanka

Dear Friends

Merry Christmas *  May the Lord continue to prosper your business and give good health to you and your family. Please send my wishes to all and give them a big hug for me 🙂 May everyone of us put our love and care for one another first before our job in new and coming year. This picture below was taken in Ella, Sri Lanka during one of my workshop I’d conducted in Nov 2010. On the way down from the mountain in the morning, I have decided to pay the local village a visit. As I walk into the small street along the houses, I met this old man and in his hand was his little grand daughter. With no time wasted I move forward to play with this little girl. I think most of the photographer would have walk away with a beautiful shot of them smiling, but I have stayed to spent time with them to wait for this very moment. May this picture bring smile to your face and be a great reminder for all of us to show our loves and cares for one another.

As you could see from my blog that this year was a busy and fruitful year for me. There are so much things happening in my life and your support has been a great encouragement to me. I just want to say thank you and what a wonderful friend you are. As we enter in to the new year 2011, let us work hard and play hard together. There will be more surprising things coming up from me, so do follow my journey and I will keep you updated on my blog. The Lord has been gracious.


Alex Soh

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