“Capture with your heart”

Black and White Photography

Many photographers loves black & white photography so I would like to share a few things about it. With the technologies equipped in digital cameras, we actually have the advantages of capture more colors and details.  This allow us to have a better control over B&W photography adjustment thus without having us spending too time in the darkroom. Always capture the image in colors and convert them into B&W thereafter. There are various ways to do your conversion from PhotoShop, Lightroom, Aperture…etc. You may learn more in detail from this link: http://photo.net/learn/digital-photography-workflow/advanced-photoshop-tutorials/converting-to-black-and-white/

Not all images are suited in B&W environment. In-fact, it is hard to find a good photo as a start. These are some of the few things to take note for a good B&W photography:
1. Have a strong story line with emotion
2. Structure and line art
3. Element that has a strong object or subject
4. It can be a thought or expression from an artist
5. Portraits are more natural and the easier to start with.

But whatever you do, make sure that it is realistic and believable. Nowadays some photographers like to produce B&W images with HDR effects, I feel that they are over doing it because this will make their images looking flat and fake. There is a difference between knowing and showing with passion & following to show without knowing. I personally do not like using HDR and often advise photographers to shoot and composite well instead. I hope it is not the added-on effects on your work that other people will appreciate but rather your skills in photography that makes it standout from the rest. Very soon we will get tired over the HDR effects because everyone will know how to do it with just a few clicks away.

Here’s a few images to gave you an idea how I look at B&W photography.

One response

  1. Hi Alex, nice to see you in this new blog. Let me just say that I hate the HDR effects, I think they are overdone and becoming very generic and lifeless. I love your pictures, as always… and really hope when there is another RBC graphic/photo workshop, I can join in… pleasssseeee 🙂

    June 2, 2010 at 12:55 pm

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